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Everything Balm-PROWL

Everything Balm-PROWL

Everything Balm
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Everything Balm Scars, Scrapes, Burns, Bites & Stretch Marks


Unique Blend of Natural Ingredients

Skin Healing and Nourishment

Tackle any skin concern with PROWL- Everything Balm! Packed with natural ingredients that have nourishing and corrective properties, this balm is an excellent way to kiss goodbye to eczema, rosacea, psoriasis discomfort and blemishes like scars, scratches, bug bites, and burns! Pregnant? Use PROWL regularly to aid in stretch mark prevention. Crafted specifically for your delicate dermis, smother your skin with this salutary balm as often as you need! Make PROWL your one-stop-shop for skin solace.


Apply layer as often as needed to help heal scrapes, bug bites and to help lighten scars. Can also be applied daily on pregnant bellies to help in the prevention of stretch marks.


  • Grass-Fed Tallow
  • Emu 
  • Calendula
  • Vitamin E
  • Marshmallow Root 
  • Comfrey 
  • Gotu Kola 
  • Manuka 
  • Lavender 


Q: What is PROWL Everything Balm?

PROWL is a corrective balm designed to help heal scars, scrapes, bug bites, and stretch marks and more. It is made with natural ingredients, including grass-fed tallow, emu oil, calendula, vitamin E, marshmallow root, comfrey, gotu kola, manuka, and lavender.

Q: How do I use PROWL Everything Balm?

Apply a layer of PROWL as often as needed to help heal scrapes, bug bites, and to lighten scars. Pregnant women can also apply it daily on their bellies to help in the  prevention of stretch marks.

Q: Can PROWL Everything Balm be used on all skin types?

Yes, PROWL can be used on all skin types.

Q: Is PROWL Everything Balm safe for pregnant women?

Yes, PROWL is safe for pregnant women and can be applied daily on their bellies to help in the prevention of stretch marks or help lighten existing stretch marks.

Q: Does PROWL Everything Balm have any fragrance?

PROWL has a light lavender and manuka scent.

Q: Can PROWL Everything Balm be used on the face?
Yes, PROWL can be used on the face to help heal scars, scrapes, eczema, psoriasis pain, rosacea bug bites and more but avoid eye contact.

Q: How long does it take to see results from using PROWL Everything Balm?

Results may vary, but some users report seeing improvement in their rosacea, scars and stretch marks within a few days to a couple of weeks with consistent use.

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Customer Reviews

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Denise Brown
Can’t say enough about this

Prowl corrective cream has worked on my sunburn, a steam burn, a cut, a nasty hangnail and even a cold sore inside my lip. I can’t believe how good and how fast this works to relieve anything going on. You’d be foolish not to try it.


LOVE the Prowl Corrective Balm! After a small burn in the tanning booth, I put Prowl on that spot and 20 minutes later the sting was gone for good! Also, put it on a canker sore one time and it was gone the same day!